TTS are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of mobile CCTV solutions. We use industry-standard recorders including Liveview, Hikvision and Timespace to ensure the best possible systems are manufactured for our customers.  TTS have the capabilities at our North-East facility to design and manufacture bespoke CCTV systems and electronics to meet any unique functionality. TTS design mobile CCTV systems suited to unique operational requirements using the best in class CCTV components. TTS are leaders in the support, maintenance and repair of mobile CCTV systems.

TTS covers a wide range of vehicle types including CCTV systems for vans and HGVs. These include motorway maintenance and support vehicles, snowploughs, refuse collection vehicles, and heavy plant.

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TTS has a comprehensive range of mobile CCTV cameras to fulfil any vehicle CCTV requirements. Our CCTV cameras can all be used either internally or externally. Our range includes CCTV cameras with various lens options offering different degrees of viewing angle and include features such as infra-red (IR) lighting for night time or low light operation and reverse image. Some cameras are specifically designed to operate in particular areas of the vehicle. For example, we have cameras designed to fit on a range of wing mirror supports or on the rear of the vehicle.

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Whilst most of our cameras are high-resolution analogue (700tvl), we also have IP and AHD cameras should your CCTV recorder support them. All the cameras are encased in anti-vandal housings. We supply both polycarbonate enclosed cameras in a variety of colours and plastic housed cameras in black which have the benefit of never corroding.



TTS use only industry standard recorders from manufacturers such as HIKVISION, VSN and TIMESPACE to ensure the best possible CCTV systems. In addition, we have a full range of CCTV cameras to cater for internal, external and low light operation. Many of our cameras are ‘E’ marked and all have water ingress ratings between IP67 and IP69.



TTS can also design and manufacture bespoke electronics to provide unique functionality. Our date/time unit for the Timespace X200 can correct the date and time when the battery fails and our display unit can add graphics to any recording to show left/right indicators, brakes, sirens, cyclists or any custom graphics you may need for a bespoke mobile CCTV system.

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Design, Manufacture and Installation of mobile CCTV systems.

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