Case Study – Moy Park

TTS has successfully completed the installation of 87 LiveView mobile CCTV systems on to our new MAN TGX tractor units at Moy Park. Each vehicle has 3 high-resolution CCTV cameras, one forward facing and one on either side of the truck. This gives fantastic visibility around the front and on either side of the vehicle. In addition, the left-hand CCTV camera is linked to a drivers monitor that activates when the left-hand indicator is used, giving the driver a view down the side of the vehicle before turning.

We at Moy Park believe this is a massive improvement over our previous single camera CCTV systems, giving us far better coverage and vastly superior access and response in the case of an incident. We have found that the side cameras give a much clearer view of the circumstances leading up to an incident and have proved invaluable. This is especially noticeable in incidents where one of our drivers has been cut up on a junction or roundabout.

About the CCTV mobile system

The LiveView CCTV mobile system has a built-in mobile data SIM card allowing us to view the cameras on any of our vehicles, in real time, on a bespoke PC application. It also has a tracking function showing the position of the vehicle on Google Maps. Furthermore, in the case of an incident, the CCTV footage can be downloaded remotely so we don’t need to wait for the vehicle to return to the depot before the disc drive can be removed for investigation. With numerous depots in England and Ireland, this is a great time and labour saving device.

We can also use the app (either Android or Apple) on our phone giving us live access to the vehicle and its cameras as well as the tracking function. The other benefit of the LiveView mobile CCTV system to us is its error reporting system which enables TTS to monitor all the critical functions of the CCTV system and respond accordingly. Such things as cameras, disc drives and GPS units are constantly monitored and any failures are detected and reported to Moy Park.

The biggest concern for us as CCTV users is finding that the system has not been working when we desperately need evidence from an incident. Most CCTV systems rely on us to do regular physical checks that the system is fully functioning. This is a time consuming and costly operation. LiveView real time checking eliminates all of this.

‘This is the best use of money Moy Park has spent on equipment in a long time’


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