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LiveView is a CCTV system that goes beyond the typical vehicle CCTV system.

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Whilst the LiveView mobile CCTV DVR provides a reliable, high performance and cost-effective vehicle digital recorder (DVR), it does so much more. A LiveView CCTV DVR provides high-quality recordings, but it also allows them to be viewed and downloaded whilst the vehicle is on the road and with the addition of automated system checks faults are reported as and when they occur.

Having 3G/4G connectivity means that incidents can be investigated immediately whilst the vehicle is still out on the road and any required footage can be downloaded if necessary. No longer will you need to wait until the vehicle returns. It also means that the extensive error reporting that LiveView is capable of is available as soon as they occur. No need to check if the CCTV DVR is recording or the cameras are working, LiveView sees to this. TTS then monitor these incidents for you and arrange engineers if necessary.

LiveView also has a built-in GPS system the tracks the location and movements of the vehicle. This is retained on our server and can be accessed historically to see the vehicles movement, speed and parking history.

The CCTV monitor can be set up to provide a number of driver support functions. For example, it can show the left-hand camera when the left indicator is used to look for cyclists or show the rear camera when reverse is engaged.

Contact us if you have a special requirement and we will find a DVR that will meet your needs.

Key features

  • Remote footage access and download
  • Live tracking and journey history
  • Automated system health check
  • 4, 8 and 16 camera options
  • PC, Apple iPhone and Android phone access
  • GPS (also used to provide speed and location for the recorded footage)
  • 3G/4G and Wi-Fi access
  • 1st-year data charges included
  • Complete CCTV management and technical support

More Than Just a CCTV System

  • Protection against fraudulent claims
  • Immediate access to critical footage
  • Improved driver security
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Improving cyclist safety on our roads
  • Optional logging of key events e.g., heavy braking
  • Optional on-screen display (OSD) of indicators, brakes, sirens, etc.
  • Customised system alerts

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