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Timespace V400 CCTV DVR

The Timespace V400 CCTV DVR provides a reliable, high performance and cost-effective vehicle CCTV digital recorder (DVR) for use on vehicles.

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The Timespace V400 CCTV DVR boasts maximum recording storage time using the latest industry standard H.264 video compression to capture footage on removable HD cartridges up to 2TB. The combination of fully suspended hard disk for shock protection and dual recording capability to SD card ensures critical video footage is always available.

Built to last, the V400 uses industry proven power and signal connectors with short circuit protected camera inputs, whilst the inbuilt timer shutdown allows recording to continue for a specified time after the ignition is switched off. The proprietary PCLink viewing software is compatible with all Timespace recorders and displays the V400 inbuilt G-sensor and optional GPS data, providing dynamic map location to assist with driver training, leading to reduced fuel costs and leading to improved passenger comfort.

Embedded vehicle data (indicators, brakes etc.) and GPS, date, time, speed and location, the V400 recorder footage meets the evidential requirements when needed for court proceedings.

Contact us if you have a special requirement and we will find a DVR that will meet your needs.

Key Features

  • H.264 compression
  • 1080p HD IP camera support
  • File password protection and encryption settings
  • 8, 12 or 16 independent video channels with up to 200ips
  • Transport for London diagnostic reporting with dual LAN ports
  • Quick install, compact, integrated one box solution
  • Built in power supply, timer shutdown, microphone pre-amp and G-sensor
  • Up to 2TB recording media with additional backup SD card
  • Removable, fully suspended hard drive for long term reliability
  • Easy-audit and Playback with local Reviewer

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